What's beyond in-class?

Introduction to Learning Habits

I have a bad habit.  Actually, I have more than one bad habit, but this one bothers me particularly. I tried breaking it several times, without success. My best idea to get rid of it relied on two key components: willpower and goal setting.  The bad habit I’m talking about is checking my phone. I […]


What's beyond in-class?

The Power of Peer-Coaching

I began my buddying (peer-coaching) journey in the woods in a park with a piece of string and some circular mats. Not that every buddying relationship has to start this way – but my buddy Rachel was learning about embodied coaching methods.  We spent thirty minutes navigating an inquiry question I was exploring using a […]


What's beyond in-class?

Stop wasting time making content – curate it

In recent years, content curation has become central to an L&D strategy. A great content curator can educate employees at a fraction of the cost and time compared to a content creator. And yes, at the same or better level of quality. How is that possible? It’s simple. Great content on virtually every topic already […]


What's beyond in-class?

A complete guide for building a mentorship program

My interest in mentorship programs was sparked by the program we launched in eMAG, the company I work for. I’ve always dreamed of doing this for our organization, as a means to diversify the learning methods we use and get people used to something else than training. The feedback was pretty great, and we’re working […]


What's beyond in-class?

Communities of practice. A case study

The memory of how it all started is still very much vivid. I was one year in my new role as Retail L&D Manager at Ace & Tate, and my manager told me during one of our weekly catch-ups: “I don’t have the L&D expertise to support you, but you could try to find and […]