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Learning Programs

All our programs are designed to support your journey as an L&D professional through social learning, deliberate practice, and spaced repetition.

Creating Your L&D Strategy

9 weeks - 45 hours

Understand the end-to-end flow of a strategic exercise, how to analyze different internal and external factors that impact your L&D strategy, how to decide on your strategic directions and create a plan & budget to support them.

Your Learning Goal

Haven’t found what your looking for? No worries! We’re open to your ideas.

Marketing for L&D

Instead of pushing our programs to learners, we should learn how to pull them towards us. Who better to teach us how to do that than marketing?

Building a Mentorship Program

Knowledge sharing. Career Growth. Feedback. Culture transfer. All at a low cost. We take you from A to Z in building your own mentorship program.

How we do things

We believe the best way to learn is by doing the job. So our most important goal is for you to get your job done while practicing new concepts you're learning. We do so by combining multiple learning methods in a journey, around topics any L&D should master.

All Programs are designed so that you will practice in the most purposeful ways. First, we divide complex topics into small chunks, so that your brain can take everything in easily. Second, you will have assignments that will bring you back to the real world to practice everything you learn. Finally, you will get feedback on each assignment both from Program Managers and your other peers.
Learning by yourself is not always fun, and learning with others is proven to be a very efficient way of acquiring knowledge and skills. So we build communities of participants around every program you join. You get the chance to meet and share feedback, challenges, and know-how with like-minded peers through an online community and recurrent Open Sessions.
One-time training sessions can at most boost awareness about the topics approached. Our vision is for you to actually use what you learn in the long run, so we base our design on the science of learning. Instead of having you cram everything you need to know in two days, we give your brain the time it needs to acquire information. Hence, our Programs are spaced over one up to three months of intense learning, during which we we help you learn and recall the information in multiple ways.
We don't believe in the theory of learning styles, but we do believe using multiple learning methods helps with long-term retention. Each concept is reiterated in combinations of Social Learning, E-learnings, Practical assignments, Feedback, Open Sessions, Microlearning, Nudges, and more. All this to ensure you are going to remember what you learn not just for a week, but along your L&D career journey.

Digital Publication

We provide resources you can explore in your free time, out of the real life-experience of L&D professionals.



The L&D world is a puzzle. Each theory we learn and each practice we adopt is one small piece. This issue covers some of the pieces we can use in our own puzzle and ways you can put them together in a coherent way, by crafting your strategy.

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