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Explainer: Creating a Relevant L&D Strategy

Why spend the next 15 minutes reading this? This piece is specifically for L&D professionals that are looking to create better, more effective L&D strategies for their organizations. A coherent and data-driven L&D Strategy can help you and your organization make the most of the limited resources that are available, yet attain significant progress towards […]


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Links between L&D and Business Results

This piece is specifically for L&D professionals that are looking to understand how their work might enable the achievement of desired results in the organizations or parts of organizations they support. We’re going to explore various links and pathways between learning & development and results in business (and vice versa), using simple words and not necessarily L&D jargon like competencies, capabilities, skills, self-efficacy, and so on. I’ve sketched these interconnections based on what I’ve discovered so far in my practice and study - so I invite you to look at the mapping of these links as a work in progress and not as a comprehensive or finished model.


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How can we connect L&D with Organizational Capabilities?

Why spend the next 15 minutes reading this? This piece is specifically for L&D professionals that are looking to have a high impact on the performance of their whole organization and helping it become better equipped for the future.  We’re going to explore the idea of organizational capabilities, how it connects to L&D, business strategy, […]


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Onboarding – an event or a journey?

Oftentimes we talk about onboarding as a one-off event where we welcome the new employees, play some games to help them network, talk about what we do for business, culture, and values, then we send them off. Good luck! And most of the time, that’s what we leave them to – luck. Luck, that they […]


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Why caring should be in the center of your L&D stakeholders’ management?

The beginnings 8 years ago, when I started working as a Learning and Development (L&D) professional I’ve entered the world of many relations. Amazingly, with every single year, I’ve discovered how complex is this landscape of interactions in the world of enabling the growth of others. And it never ceased to amaze me until now. […]


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Which were the top L&D resources of 2020?

This year was completely crazy. If you would have told me last year that in 2020 I will be running a weekly newsletter, I would have said you're crazy. When would I have the time to read, sort through, and put together L&D resources on a weekly basis?

Supporting self-directed learning as a manager

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How can leaders foster learning autonomy in their teams?

I am a leader in a hyper-growth company. We’ve gone from 500 to 3000 employees in just about 3 years. It’s by far the fastest-changing environment I’ve ever been part of. Despite the pace, I see highly engaged people in most of my interactions. They seem to manage change through collaboration, over-communication, and continuous learning. Change dislocates a huge amount of opportunities for learning. The most interesting part is that learning is not only a means for surviving in this environment. It is in fact one of the things that drive people most.


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Learning analytics set-up

The analytics side of L&D are definitely tricky. Avoiding it altogether is not an option. Focusing too much on them? Wouldn’t advise that either.