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Onboarding @WeTransfer

Going fully remote was challenging and difficult for the whole HR team. We had multiple priorities, and no one to focus solely on onboarding and make sure the program is inclusive, informative, and is able to embed newcomers to our people’s culture. At that point, we didn’t even know what remote work would look like.  […]


Behind L&D Curtains

Embracing diversity and inclusion as a learning organisation

D&I today There have been a lot of conversations around the topic of Diversity and Inclusion in Europe since last year. I’ve been working in the field for the past 6 years. At every networking event, at every gathering with friends, the question `What do you do for work? – had been my biggest nightmare […]


Behind L&D Curtains

Designing a Peer-to-Peer learning program: a Marley Spoon case study

I think I first learned about peer-to-peer learning programs as a concept by reading Google’s case study on re:Work, just like my guest in this article: Venla Hakunti, L&D Manager and Agile HR Coach at Marley Spoon. While researching other examples, I came to learn more about social learning which is basically the theory behind […]


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Leaderful Organisational Culture

The word ‘culture’ is derived from the Latin ‘cultura’, meaning to cultivate; to care and honour. According to this simplistic deduction of definitions, the cultures we see in our 21st century organisations are therefore something to be looked after. Yet as HR professionals, whom the responsibility of creating and upholding ‘culture’ often falls upon, we […]


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Learning Analytics 101

In the last five years, I have seen many articles, videos on Youtube, and even TV news with the following title: X Jobs that will disappear in the Y years. Probably you’ve seen them too. These pieces conclude like this: companies will need to train their employees for other jobs, sometimes jobs that don’t exist.  […]


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Behind LifeLabs Learning’s L&D Strategy

I’ve been following LifeLabs Learning for a while now, enjoying their amazing free resources. I’ve always felt their learning experience to be science-based and high-quality, so naturally, I was curious if their own learning strategy draws from the way they interact with their customers. I was lucky that Roy Ben-Yehuda, a strong supporter of Offbeat […]


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Beyond the Subject Matter Specialist – seven creative ways to find evidence of a learning need

In the transformed pandemic world, there is an even greater need for aligning learning to the desired performance outcomes. L&D teams should evolve beyond request intake and begin to create evidence-based ecosystems that can thrive with agility. In most organizations, a business operations team requests the Learning and Development department to create content to meet […]

asynchronous leadership development program

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An asynchronous perspective of a leadership development program

One year ago we started thinking about a new leadership development program for eMAG. The needs of our leaders changed and became more diverse as the company grew. We started with a deep research phase, talking to HR Business Partners and people managers in the organization to get insights. We took our time to analyze what we have discovered and built a long-term strategy we knew was so bold it was still a bit out of reach. But we were ready to take the first steps when COVID hit.


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The journey of a start-up L&D Pro

I met Moniek through Learning Shakers, a new community gathering all learning professionals based in Amsterdam. I was really lucky to have the chance to talk about her journey in WeTransfer, where she grew as a learning professional and where she had the opportunity to see an organization’s journey from 20 people to 200 people.