Building Your Learning Tech Infrastructure

Learn all the steps needed to acquire and implement learning tech solutions that fit your needs.

Understand your organization’s needs, the tech options available in the market, how to make the best decision and pitch it to stakeholders, and how to successfully implement your solution of choice.

13 weeks
5 hours/week
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Who’s this program for?

It just became your job to find an LMS or LXP. Maybe you have no learning tech right now or what you have isn’t enough for your needs. Just taking the first steps, you might already be stumbling through the fog. The learning tech offer is too diverse, and making the best choice is overwhelming. No matter your company size or your L&D role, as long as you can relate, this program is for you.

What will you learn?

week 1

Environment Health-Check

6 June - 12 June
Before diving into the outside world, you have to assess different internal factors that might affect your decision-making process along the way. During this first week, we’ll answer questions related to your stakeholders, budget, and potential blockers. In the end, we’ll learn how to perform a pre-mortem and brainstorm solutions for potential challenges we might encounter.
week 2 - 3

Deep-dive into your company needs

14 June - 27 June
For a solution to be efficient it must solve the problems your stakeholders, learners, and organizations are experiencing. This is where you’ll learn what to ask all of them to uncover their needs. Because needs usually come in the form of issues, you’ll also learn to turn them into potential features of your future solution, another topic of this module.
week 4 - 5

Understand the learning tech space

28 June - 11 July
Once it’s clear to you what features you are looking for, you can take a look outside. What kind of learning technologies are available? What use cases do they cover? What outcomes do they support? What should you be looking for in a demo? During this module, you’ll get a clear picture of the current state of the learning tech options and answers to all of your questions about them.
week 6 - 7

Matching internal needs and possible solutions

12 July - 25 July
Now that you have a good understanding of both internal needs and potential tech options, how do you make the final call? There are so many solutions out there that offer the same features, so what else should you be considering? During this module, you’ll learn how to match your requirements and constraints to your external research.
week 8

Pitching your solution

26 July - 1 August
The time has come to assure others that your solution is the best choice out there. How do you go about doing that? What, how, and to whom should you present? What would a written business case look like? What about a presentation you’ll hold in front of your stakeholders? This is where we’ll learn how to do all of these successfully.
week 9 - 10

Implement your solution

2 August - 15 August
The process doesn’t stop once you’ve made the final call. There are still some really important steps to follow. Steps that can make or break the hard work you’ve done so far. In this final module, we’ll learn what we need to consider when it comes to implementation, and how to market our solution so that learners become its advocates.

Meet the Instructor

Liz Stefan
Co-founder and CEO at Nifty Learning, host of L&D Spotlight Podcast
Liz Stefan has worked with Fortune 500 companies in designing L&D management processes, managing day-to-day learning operations, and implementing learning technologies. She’s now putting her expertise to work by passionately co-founding Nifty Learning, together with the most amazing team of entrepreneurs and innovators. In an effort to continuously understand and navigate the complex and ever-evolving domain that is Learning & Development, she started the L&D Spotlight Podcast.

How we do things

We believe the best way to learn is by doing the job. So our most important goal is for you to get your job done while practicing new concepts you're learning. We do so by combining multiple learning methods in a journey, around topics any L&D should master.

All Programs are designed so that you will practice in the most purposeful ways. First, we divide complex topics into small chunks, so that your brain can take everything in easily. Second, you will have assignments that will bring you back to the real world to practice everything you learn. Finally, you will get feedback on each assignment both from Program Managers and your other peers.
Learning by yourself is not always fun, and learning with others is proven to be a very efficient way of acquiring knowledge and skills. So we build communities of participants around every program you join. You get the chance to meet and share feedback, challenges, and know-how with like-minded peers through an online community and recurrent Open Sessions.
One-time training sessions can at most boost awareness about the topics approached. Our vision is for you to actually use what you learn in the long run, so we base our design on the science of learning. Instead of having you cram everything you need to know in two days, we give your brain the time it needs to acquire information. Hence, our Programs are spaced over one up to three months of intense learning, during which we we help you learn and recall the information in multiple ways.
We don't believe in the theory of learning styles, but we do believe using multiple learning methods helps with long-term retention. Each concept is reiterated in combinations of Social Learning, E-learnings, Practical assignments, Feedback, Open Sessions, Microlearning, Nudges, and more. All this to ensure you are going to remember what you learn not just for a week, but along your L&D career journey.

What will you get out of it?

1 A needs analysis strategy to understand your organization’s and learners’ needs
2 A clear understanding of the learning tech space
3 Different views of the available solutions
4 Templates for pitching your solution to stakeholders and learners
5 A clear view of what to consider when implementing a new solution

Is this for me?

Not sure yet? We have created a self-assessment for you to better understand if this program suits you.


Still having questions?

When do cohorts open?

We're opening cohorts depending on how many requests we get for this program. If you're interested in joining, enroll on the waiting list and we'll let you know once we're live.

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