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Using technology to develop your people managers

I met Raluca and Bogdan when they pitched Nestor to myself and my manager. Before meeting them, I did not fully understand what they could do for us. By the end of the appointment, I was totally impressed. Not just by the tool, but also by the research behind their approach, and the mindset of […]


One Question

Learning analytics set-up

The analytics side of L&D are definitely tricky. Avoiding it altogether is not an option. Focusing too much on them? Wouldn’t advise that either.


Behind L&D Curtains

The journey of a start-up L&D Pro

I met Moniek through Learning Shakers, a new community gathering all learning professionals based in Amsterdam. I was really lucky to have the chance to talk about her journey in WeTransfer, where she grew as a learning professional and where she had the opportunity to see an organization’s journey from 20 people to 200 people.


Ten Things I’ve Learned

10 characteristics of Learning and Development at its best

These characteristics, for some, won't seem new or modern but for many in the industry will mean a venture into the unknown and the uncomfortable. However, If the impact of Coronavirus on the security of roles in L&D has taught us anything, it is that we need to do everything in our power to change the perception of our industry and its value in organisations. These characteristics, among others, are the practices that will ensure L&D is a credible and valued partner to the business and not an order taker or worse still an expendable "nice to have".


Behind L&D Curtains

Nurturing Self Directed Learning

We do not believe in best practices, but we definitely believe in frameworks all L&Ds could apply to make their role more meaningful. Self-Directed Learning and Design Thinking are just two of them, and we are so happy to see learning professionals experimenting outside their comfort area. You can always follow Maya on LinkedIn to keep up with UiPath updates and we are definitely keeping her close to learn more about her projects.