One Question

Links between L&D and Business Results

This piece is specifically for L&D professionals that are looking to understand how their work might enable the achievement of desired results in the organizations or parts of organizations they support. We’re going to explore various links and pathways between learning & development and results in business (and vice versa), using simple words and not necessarily L&D jargon like competencies, capabilities, skills, self-efficacy, and so on. I’ve sketched these interconnections based on what I’ve discovered so far in my practice and study - so I invite you to look at the mapping of these links as a work in progress and not as a comprehensive or finished model.

Technology HQ

Gamification & motivation in a hybrid world

After a forced global experiment of working from home, we are faced with a massive redesign of how we work. We are now part of two intertwined worlds, physical and digital. Our future looks hybrid.  But what do we actually know about what this hybrid model entails in the long run? Change is not always […]


Reforming in-class

Learning experiences: an alternative to one-time learning events

I often come across titles such as “The Importance of Training Employees”, “The Importance of Workplace Training and Development”, or “Why employee training is important”. I deliberately choose to stay away from them. I think they never reached the Offbeat shortlist, not even when I was desperate about not finding high-quality resources for the newsletter […]


What's beyond in-class?

The Power of Peer-Coaching

I began my buddying (peer-coaching) journey in the woods in a park with a piece of string and some circular mats. Not that every buddying relationship has to start this way – but my buddy Rachel was learning about embodied coaching methods.  We spent thirty minutes navigating an inquiry question I was exploring using a […]