What's beyond in-class?

A complete guide for building a mentorship program

My interest in mentorship programs was sparked by the program we launched in eMAG, the company I work for. I’ve always dreamed of doing this for our organization, as a means to diversify the learning methods we use and get people used to something else than training. The feedback was pretty great, and we’re working […]


What's beyond in-class?

Communities of practice. A case study

The memory of how it all started is still very much vivid. I was one year in my new role as Retail L&D Manager at Ace & Tate, and my manager told me during one of our weekly catch-ups: “I don’t have the L&D expertise to support you, but you could try to find and […]


Technology HQ

A down-to-earth talk about Learning & Development automation

When is the future? Whenever I think about “the future”, I inevitably remember all those crazy movies and videos made in the 80’s and 90’s, showing people in weird-looking silver suits and helmets, with all sorts of pointless and hilarious gadgets. What’s really funny to me is how incredibly precise some predictions were – we’re […]


One Question

Onboarding – an event or a journey?

Oftentimes we talk about onboarding as a one-off event where we welcome the new employees, play some games to help them network, talk about what we do for business, culture, and values, then we send them off. Good luck! And most of the time, that’s what we leave them to – luck. Luck, that they […]


Behind L&D Curtains

Beyond the Subject Matter Specialist – seven creative ways to find evidence of a learning need

In the transformed pandemic world, there is an even greater need for aligning learning to the desired performance outcomes. L&D teams should evolve beyond request intake and begin to create evidence-based ecosystems that can thrive with agility. In most organizations, a business operations team requests the Learning and Development department to create content to meet […]


One Question

Why caring should be in the center of your L&D stakeholders’ management?

The beginnings 8 years ago, when I started working as a Learning and Development (L&D) professional I’ve entered the world of many relations. Amazingly, with every single year, I’ve discovered how complex is this landscape of interactions in the world of enabling the growth of others. And it never ceased to amaze me until now. […]